Cubic Blue Services

Cubic Blue offers comprehensive professional consulting and resource services in BIG Analytics & Data Science, data governance, data integration & data management as well as offering bespoke application development. Our expertise and skills provide leading-edge business and data solutions, ensuring a consistent and cohesive view of your business.

Cubic Blue has a wide range of experience across different industries, including Banking, Insurance, Customer Service, Call Centres, Information Technology, Retail and Telecoms.

Services include:

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    Data Governance & Enterprise Information Management (EIM) framework consulting

    Our team can help you with your data governance initiatives, including Metadata Management across BI, SOA, and EA solutions.

      Services include:

    • o Data Quality
    • o Master Data Management (MDM)
    • o Metadata Management etc.
    • o Data Management Lifecycle (DMLC)
    • o Business Intelligence and Big Data Strategy
    • o Policy, Procedure, Standards and Guidelines (PPSG's)
    • o Legal and Regulatory Compliance

    Big Data Consultancy

    The Cubic Blue team work within your business units to help determine the best methodology and solutions for dealing with the ever increasing data volumes and challenges these create. Working with you to reduce the risk of chaotic reporting within your organisation. We work with your team to help establish the key metrics and an agreed-upon vocabulary to enable the processes of developing Knowledge Canvases to become seamless and intuitive within your organisation. This also includes help with establishing what privileges are necessary for access to confidential data and how to define and implement data security policies and privacy policies.

      Services include:

    • o Product implementation
    • o Product Specific Support and Maintenance
    • o Data Scientist: Highly specialised skillsets to unlock the value of your data.
    • o Big Data Strategy

    Training Services

    Cubic Blue delivers classroom based and on-site training and learnership opportunities to educate your staff on general and specific technical topics/subjects within the data discipline.

      Courses include:

    • o Product Specific Training
    • o Overcoming the challenges of Big Data training
    • o Training in various Data & Governance Methodologies